My first technical SEO audit. Useful links and best practices

Running a technical audit on your website might sound like a daunting task; the word “technical” might scare you off and make you consider a couple of alternatives to the most obvious DIY. Here two common scenarios:

  • I have some money, so I can outsource it to professionals.
  • I have no money, and I’m not a technical person. So, I’m just not going to do it.

In both cases, you might be missing out a lot. Technical audits are no easy task, but here are some of the most useful sources I found online on how to optimize your site following the latest search trends.

As you can see, there are pages long audit checklists, and shorter 5-10 things you can quickly verify and in most cases fix yourself (not dev resources needed).

Another great thing you can do all by yourself, is to start a trial with SEM Rush, probably the most popular platform to run this kind of audits on your site, and identify all red flags, errors, as well as keywords that you and your competitors are ranking for.

I highly recommend you check that out first and try and fix as many bugs as possible. Then, you can start optimizing your content based on what you want to rank for (and what’s achievable); finally you can get nerdy and optimize your site even further by following the latest SEO trends and hacks.

Good luck and leave your comments/questions below. As always, this is not a comprehensive list of best practices or a step-by-step guide; think of it as a useful list of quick fixes to get better at digital marketing (SEO in this case).

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