“What’s the right marketing job for me?” Probably, not the one you think.

Thinking about a career in marketing? That’s great, but do you actually know what that means?

Way too many students of business or marketing love the idea of working in marketing, but don’t really know what branch of marketing they should be focusing on. And companies don’t make it easier for them, with job titles that can sometimes be so specific that it seems impossible for anyone to actually qualify for that position.

One way to approach this, and understand what marketing job titles you should go after is to look at the marketing funnel.

marketing funnel al dente
Funnel illustration courtesy of https://code95.com/blog/

Now let’s try to connect the first three stages of the funnel – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion – to some of the most popular marketing functions.


  • Branding
  • Event management
  • Social media
  • PR


  • Marketing operations
  • Content marketing (thought leadership)
  • Demand generation
  • SEO


  • Web
  • Content marketing (product education)
  • Email marketing

There are many more marketing functions of course, and some of them transcend the funnel and help the marketing team throughout the user journey:

  • Product marketing
  • Marketing analytics

The last two stages of the funnel, loyalty and advocacy usually fall into account management, or to use a fancy Bay-Area name for it: customer success.

Did we miss something? Of course we did, so please comment below.

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