Does your marketing team need to be ‘agile’? The short answer is yes

agile methodology for marketing

Gone are the days of the year long projects, such as website redesigns whose end was never in sight. Modern marketing teams have borrowed the Agile methodology from the engineering and dev world and made it their own. We’ll see what this means in a second, for now let’s just highlight the fact that despite having a few flaws, Agile really helps marketing teams constantly and consistently delivering minimum valuable increments to the market. 

The guys at Mckinsey have put together a comprehensive guide on agile marketing but if you’re just getting started, it might be an overkill.

Here’s what you need to know.


The marketing team gets together to plan what’s called a “sprint”. Usually 2 weeks long, te sprint is nothing more that a period of time during which a finite number of activities (tasks) will be undertaken by each individual. An arbitrary point system will allow team members to estimate the workload for the week and prioritize tasks based on team and company priorities. By planning the sprint together, it will be much clearer who’s doing what, which makes everyone accountable; also, sprint planning allows for contentious resources to be assigned to some projects and not other based on the same priority principles.


  • Daily standup: brief meeting where each person updates the team on what they’re working on, highlighting “blockers”, if any.
  • Bi-weekly sprint planning.
  • By-weekly retrospective meeting: the team quickly reviews what’s been achieved, addresses issues, complaints etc… The goal of retrospective is to help the team improve future performances and planning.
  • Weekly backlog grooming: the team goes through completed tasks and tries to add new tasks (from the backlog) into the sprint.


Most project management platforms can be used to create tasks (or “tickets”), assign them to individuals, track progress, and allow collaboration. Jira by Atlassian is probably the most used by marketing teams in technology.

Are you working within an agile team already? How’s it going for you? And what would you improve?

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