5 B2B Digital Marketing Hacks to Drive Growth on a Budget

When everyone is competing for the same traffic, but only some have large budgets dedicated to drive traffic, most B2B and B2C marketers need to get ‘hacky’ in order to attract prospects.

Driving growth on a budget

Here’s a list of 7 marketing tactics or ‘hacks’ that can help you drive traffic without spending $1. Basically, this is how you drive growth on a budget.

1. Don’t do it alone. There’s a sea of potential partners out there.

You’re not the only marketer trying to help prospects find your product or solution. So find someone else whose product offering is somewhat complementary to what your company does. If you work for a media agency or consulting firm for example, you could be partnering with tech vendors whose solution you might recommend to your customers anyway. Why not partnering with them to create compelling content that can help your prospects be more productive, efficient, successful.

2. Write, write, write.

Content is king. But not all content is created equal. The best pieces of marketing content are those who truly help your audience. Compile a list of the best conferences that target audience should be aware of (and do it by Q1 or it might be too late),  or research about the challenges of their job and come up with a collection of industry standard best practices. This especially useful for all those professionals who are trying to impress their bosses.

3. Stay current. Better, know what’s next.

In order to be useful to your audience, you need to know things that might impact them in the near future. Whether it is a regulatory change that is going to impact the industry, or the latest UX/UI trends, you need to stay up to date with all things that are transforming their space. Your audience might not have the time to follow up with all new stuff impacting their job, but you can (and you should).

4. Get the best insights from the front line.

Nobody knows your customers better than your sales team. Make sure you spend enough time with them (and with customer support as well) to understand exactly how they approach your products and services, but also how they approach the challenges that your products or services aim to solve. These insights are gold, and can go a long way when designing acquisition campaigns, marketing collaterals, or identifying the right partners and publishers.

5. You can’t step twice in the same river. You can’t optimize your site twice with the same SEO tactics.

Just like Google algorithms keep changing, your SEO strategy should too. Create an SEO optimization calendar, just like you do for your other campaigns, and stick to it. Evaluate your performance regularly and stay up to date with SEO trends and with your competitors’ moves.


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